Thinking Leadership (1)

The field of leadership has indeed been flooded with lots of research materials. Though this is a truism, we cannot stop discussing it, given the central place of leadership in human existence. The first thing that re-directed my focus to leadership is the popular statement derived from a verse in the Holy Bible. It says “Smite the shepherd, then the sheep will scatter”. In other words, once leadership is off the way, followership becomes a problem. This statement validates the central place of the leader in galvanizing any organization, spiritual or secular, and a nation to greatness. The greatness of an organization or a nation-state is a product of the quality of its leadership. This impresses on my mind the value that any society or corporation should place on the kind of human beings that sit in the driver’s seat.

I will draw an analogy between an organization and a vehicle. I want to believe that no corporation or country was created to be stagnant. The quest of everyone is to move towards something good (a kind of progress) whether he or she knows it or not. In the same vein, nobody gets into a vehicle or a travelers’ bus with the intention of just being stationary. I believe mobility is one of the inherent quests of man. A vehicle is not a place where you dress up and go to sit. When you board a vehicle, you expect a kind of motion towards a given or desired destination. In the same vein, when a person joins a corporation, he or she expects a kind of mobility, a sense of growth and achievement whether personal or corporate. One of the most traumatic events in the life of a man therefore would be to board a vehicle whose direction is either unknown or the vehicle is immobile.

A leader is therefore the person who occupies the driver’s seat of the vehicle, keeping it in motion and sending it in the right direction. But, we must note that the leader must be able to harness the skills of other members in the corporation in keeping the corporation in motion and getting momentum for the right direction.

To be continued…

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