How We Work

Helping You to Succeed

We train, consult, educate and publish in the areas of leadership development, business growth/development, organisational conflict management and film/media studies. We provide services for both individuals and corporate bodies including faith-based organisations.


Leadership Development

We are committed to helping individuals and corporate bodies grow their leadership capacity thereby enhancing their productivity. Everything really rises and falls on leadership. There is a little that an organisation can achieve without a vibrant leader. In our training and consulting, we cover all aspect of leadership parameters. However, we offer ordinary and executive certificates in Strategic Transformational Leadership


Business Growth/Development

There are two phases of our training and consulting in Business growth/development. First, we help our clients generate business ideas while teaching them the fundamental requirements in succeeding as entrepreneurs. The second is a service provided for existing business organisations. One important emphasis here is organisational growth via the understanding of organisational behaviour. In these two phases, we walk with our clients.


Conflict Management

Conflict is an inevitable aspect of human reality. Conflict is neutral and could be good; but that is when it is wisely used.  We train and help our clients to understand how to detect and analysis conflict in the early stage thereby deescalating it before it leads to violence. We emphasis organisational conflict management.


Film/Media Studies

The media and the entertainment industries are viable aspects of human existence. The need for information and the need to be entertained are insatiable needs of man. Hence, both industries have become so popular among several other aspects of human existence. We consult and teach in the areas of Film and Television Productions focusing on Script writing, directing, producing, cinematography, editing among others.


Our institution is duly registered and accredited to provide training, consulting and education in the areas of leadership and business. We provide services for individuals, corporate bodies (including faith-based organisations) and the governments.

Our institution paradises best hands in the fields of our focus.

  • leadership development,
  • business/organisational growth
  • conflict management
  • film/media studies

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What We Offer


On request, we offer trainings and consulting for organisations in any of the four areas of our focus. We also offer certificated programmes in leadership covering any of the four areas on preference by our clients.

Our training and consulting cover the four areas of our focus. On a request, we do training for entrants, supervisors, managers/leaders in organisations. We provide services for individuals, corporate bodies and the public sectors. Faith-based organisations are not left out from our service.

We offer certificate programme in Strategic Transformational Leadership. Courses taken under this programme include the following: General Introduction to Leadership; Introduction to Strategic Transformational Leadership; Leadership and Motivation; Leadership and Decision Making; Leadership and Conflict Management and lastly Leadership and Organisational Growth

The Executive Certificate is meant for managers and leaders at all levels in all organisations – private or public. However, it is advisable to have taken the first level certificate before advancing for the Executive Certificate. Courses taken include the following: Strategic Transformational Leadership; Leadership and Team Management; Leadership and Organisational Behaviour; Leadership and Communication; Leadership and Business Management; Leadership and Vision Management; Leadership and Effective Delegation.

We offer certificates in several areas of film/media studies. We offer certificates in Script Writing, Film and Television Directing, Digital Editing, Cinematography among several other areas.

We do trainings and we offer programmes leading to certificates in the above areas.

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We are Available Worldwide

We are not bound to a geographical location. With the advent of modern technology, we provide services across the globe. There are audios, videos, short films, documentaries and text materials we use for our trainings and consulting.

Our clients come to our Leadership Centre, or we go to our clients’ offices, or we meet on the internet and/or lastly our materials travel to meet you wherever you are.
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What People Say

Without any modicum of doubt, CHARIS SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS added unprecedented value to my leadership prowess and in-depth knowledge about what leadership entails. I joined the school raw, but I was redefined with knowledge, that infused in me the recipes needed to be a great leader in any sphere, parastatal or department that I might find myself in the future. It was indeed a mind blowing experience from the beginning to the end. All the tutors are vast in knowledge and always wear enthused appearance that gives appetite to me to incessantly go for tutorials. Big thanks to Charis School of Leadership for this knowledge acquired which cannot be bought with money.  

Networking Lead

I sincerely want to appreciate the management and coordinators of CHARIS SCHOOLF OF LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS. I would simply say that the knowledge and in-depth understanding I gained concerning leadership and being a strategic transformational leader is far beyond monetary valuation. Indeed, I was transformed for good…God bless CHARIS SCHOOL…

Design Lead

CHARIS SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS opened my consciousness to the how, what, why and when of Strategic Transformational Leadership. The faculty gave concrete forms to my abstract understanding of what I’ve read and heard about leadership after many visits to different lectures on the concept of Leadership. Thanks for igniting the fire in me. It’s a privilege to be taught by you.  

Factory Manager

Our Packages

Pick The Best Plan For You

Register for our Certificate Programmes. Buy our Books. Invite us to come train your employees. Put us in the same room with your supervisors, managers and leaders. We are here to serve you.

  • Certificate and Executive  Certificate in Strategic Transformational Leadership
  • Individuals and Corporate Training/Consulting
  • Transformational Books for sale. 

Stay informed

WE live in an ever changing world, in constance with Heraclitus’, the Greek Philosopher, claim that the world is in a constant flux (change). You need to keep abreast with current facts in your career so that you won’t be left behind. WE WILL HELP YOU

Our Vision/Mission

Our vision is to help you enhance your leadership capacity for maximum productivity

Our mission is to provide a cutting edge educational/training materials for the transformation of individuals, organisations and countries building wealth-creators and nation-builders.

Certificate Recognition
The Impact of the Books
Strategic Training & Consulting


We employ certain strategies in fulfilling our goal of reaching and helping our clients

We run monthly leadership seminar with the tag: EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP SEMINAR. It holds every second Saturday of the month. It holds in our base at the Leadership Centre.

The Seminar also holds on request in some centres in the country.

We have inspirational and well researched books on Leadership and the other areas of our focus. There are also articles in journals and online that help build our clients’ capacity for maximum productivity. Purchase our books and get transformed.

As an organisation, we are devoted to training and consulting. We grace the boardrooms and conference halls of organisations and agencies of government, including faith-based organisations, helping them to navigate the challenge of leadership and growth.

We run programmes leading to Ordinary and Executive Certificates in Leadership. We also have Specialised Certificate in Film/Media Studies. With these certificated programmes, we are able to reach and empower our clients.